Building Your Buggy

Building Your Buggy

There are a few options when choosing to build a Max fx beach buggy;

Total Project Buggy Build:
You doing or sourcing all of the work.
Recommended for those who are very handy in the workshop i.e. welding, mechanical etc.

Purchase a Max fx body and major parts from Beach Buggy Australia. Gather second-hand Volkswagen beetle parts and chassis etc. Do the build yourself. Many folk take on a beach buggy build as a project and there are many great websites and forums out there where buggy heads share their ideas.

More information can be found at Getting a Buggy Project Started.

Combination Project Buggy Build:
A combination of you doing some of the work and the team at Beach Buggy Australia completing some of the work.
For example, you can get Beach Buggy Australia to fabricate your pan/chassis ready for you to continue your project.

As for complete builds, prices for a combination project buggy build are variable, depending on your style requirements. Get in touch so that we can talk about your.