Getting a Buggy Project Started

Getting a Buggy Project Started

Deciding whether you’re after a street look or something to hit beach and bush tracks with will determine the ideal suspension requirements and point you toward whether your donor car is a pre-68 Volkswagen Beetle, semi- auto or 76 VW Beetle. By starting with a good donor vehicle you can save yourself some cash by using many of the parts in your build.

Removing those on the body is your first step in your adventure. Be sure to save the steering column, wiper motor, gauges, fuel tank, tail lights etc. Once the body is bare you then remove the VW Beetle from the floor pan.

The quality of the chassis will determine how much prep work is required at this stage of your project. Anything from a light wire brush wheel to a full sand blast may be needed. Follow this up with a good quality paint protection system or powder coating. Whatever the options you go for, the tip is to plan for the long term.

If you are going for an off-road look, a lift kit and strengthening points should be considered at this point of your build.  If this sounds like too much work, customised pans are available through the team at BBA, built to suit your project.

Choosing the colour of your beach buggy can be an exciting part of the project, as there are infinite possibilities when it comes to the colours and coatings of Max fx bodies. From solid colours to amazing glittertex, the high quality finish will set your buggy apart in any crowd.

The chassis and body get your project well under way and before long you will be thinking about what will power your machine. Whether it is stock 1600 or a 2.4 stroker Volkswagen engine or a water cooled option, the BBA team will ensure your power plant delivers.