Max fx Body

Max fx Body

The Max fx‘s stylish, new generation buggy body is proudly designed and developed by Beach Buggy Australia.

Available in both long and short wheel base models, this buggy offers quality, classic lines and total driving comfort. Above all, a Max fx Beach Buggy represents fun, enjoyment and an excellent lifestyle choice.

The bodies are made using modern glassing techniques, which ensures a stronger, durable finish.

Choosing the colour of your dune buggy can be an exciting part of the project, as there are infinite possibilities when it comes to the colours and coatings of a Max fx body. From solid colours to amazing glittertex metal flake, the high quality finish will set your beach buggy apart in any crowd. 

Chassis: Modified VW Type 1
Engine: VW 1600cc – Subaru 2.5cc
Fuel: Unleaded
Gearbox: Type 1 – Type IV Kombi
Front Suspension: VW Ball Join Tortion front beam
Rear Suspension: VW IRS or Swingaxle
Steering: VW Type 1 Worm and Roler
Brakes FR: Disc Brake – Drum Brake
Brakes RR: Disc Optional
Roll Bar: Twin Hoop/Padded
FR Bar: 50mm – 75mm Tube Steel
RR Bar: 50mm – 75mm Tube Steel
Side Bar: 75mm Tube Steel
Wheels FR: 6 x 15 Steel/Alloy
Wheels RR: 7 x 15 Steel/Alloy
Tyres FR: 215 x 75 x 15
Tyres RR: 235 x 70 x 15
Screen: Polished Alloy/Laminated Glass
Mirrors: Black Plastic
Headlights: 7
Rear Lights: Rubber Mounted/Sealed Beam
Interior: Vinyl
Seats FR: adjustable – Vinyl/Cloth
Seats RR: Fibreglass – Bench Vinyl/Cloth
Seat Belts: Inertcia Reel. Colours Available
Steering Wheel: Auto Technica. Polyurethane
Dash Gauges: VDO Speedo / Fuel / Temp Warning Cluster
Horn: Beep!
Softtop: Vinyl
Options: Modifications apply

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