Total BBA Build

Total BBA Build

Getting us to build your beach buggy:

Quoting a price for a buggy build on a website is not practical, as your buggy build price will depend on many variations. For example;

  • Vehicle supplied:
    By starting with a good donor vehicle you can save yourself some cash. Whether an old buggy or a Volkswagen Beetle, your starting vehicle will influence the cost of your build.
  • Which parts you choose:
    You can choose new or reconditioned parts depending on your budget.
  • Engine:
    You can choose a reconditioned or new VW or go for a water-cooled option. These choices will affect you overall cost.
  • Accessories:
    Variations and accessories are many, so your build price will vary depending on whether you go for a classic standard look, a tricked-up streeter or an off-road machine.

There is no such thing as a generic beach buggy. Each buggy has their differences and at Beach Buggy Australia you can tailor a build to suit your budget.

From mild to wild, street, bush or beach, Beach Buggy Australia can get your build on track.

If you are serious and ready to talk price, give us a call during workshop hours to discuss your budget and specifications.